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Final Touch’s Aera-Vation | Lawn Aeration, Seeding and Fertilizing.

Applying thousands of grass seeds every square foot drastically improves your turf.  Our Aera-Vation, Lawn Seeding and Aeration plus Organic Fertilizer packages are created to meet your lawn’s needs.  Your attractive lawn will be created from our highest quality grass seed blend and should be followed by our environmentally responsible Lawn Care Program.

Aera-Vation Seeding and Fertilizing

Aera-Vation Seeding and Fertilizing


When you are ready to seed your lawn, Final Touch Applications is ready to answer your call and schedule this backbone service.  Final Touch will ask about your turf type and we will start to take a property inventory for your lawn so we can know things like, how large is your gate, can we fit the larger aera-vator or smaller core-aerator in the fence gated area?  This is so we can be sure to bring the right equipment for a complete quality service.  After your lawn in totally prepped for seeding, we have already chosen to correct grass seed mixture that is appropriate for your lawn.  To achieve a beautiful thick lawn with strong roots, we also use state-of-the-art seed and fertilizer spreading equipment to apply these most important materials evenly and with abundance.

The Right Grass Seed Mixture for Your Lawn Seeding

Correct choices for your seed blend makes all the difference in your lawn for properly refreshing your lawn’s long-term appearance and more importantly your lawn’s future health.  Our decades of knowledge and experience with lawn service, our different growing conditions in and around the Charlotte, NC metro area and different grass species help us choose a grass seed mixture that’s right for your lawn.

What is Aera-Vation?

We use the larger Aera-Vator where ever possible and the smaller Core-Aerator when access is restricted by narrow fence gates or other passages.  Aera-Vation and Seeding is a great to gear up your lawn for success.  We have already invested in your lawn by always equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art machinery.  We do prefer using our cutting-edge process of Aera-Vation where ever possible for best results by increasing the rate of seed-to-soil contact while minimizing turf damage during the Lawn Seeding Process.

Throwing seed out by hand to address bare spots will never do your time justice, only producing around a low 15% germination rate.  We always experience a 90% or greater germination rate through our preparatory measures for your Lawn’s Seeding.

Aera-Vating through Perfect Turf or Damaged, Thinning and Bare Lawn

Aera-Vation and Seeding is best process for getting results in any lawn condition.  When preparing a perfect lawn for seeding, the roots of a healthy lawn will actually hold the soil in place while allowing the Aera-Vator to only perforate up to three inches deep into the soil.  For Damaged, Thinning and Bare Lawns, your lawn’s soil will not have the roots to hold the soil together.  Therefore, opening up the soil between these perforation points as the Aera-Vator rolls through.  Aera-Vation is also a wonderful option when weeds, insects and smaller rodents have sustained damage to your lawn.

Lawn Seeding and Aeration

Lawn Seeding and Aeration

Aera-Vation, Seeding with Organic Fertilizing can rapidly renew a thinning damaged lawn back to a healthy, lush and thick lawn you know you deserve, as the same with a perfect lawn.  Because all plant material, including grass, has a lifespan.  Our specialized Lawn Seeding process is the least invasive.  This enables  a continual solid stand of grass to stay ahead of your lawn’s life cycle.

Aera-Vating and Seeding Your Lawn

Lawn Seeding and Aeration

Lawn Seeding and Aeration

The right equipment will make the difference.  Our Aera-Vation process will make sure your lawn will only receive the needed amount of soil agitation and an abundant amount of blended grass seed needed for your lawn to germinate and thrive for best results.

Final Touch’s Aera-Vation, Seeding & Fertilizing will produce:

  • Uniform Seeding System. Aera-Vation & Seeding will make sure your lawn is consistently seeded, without any unwanted thin or heavy streaks.
  • Amazing Seed-to-Soil Contact. Are you ready for great results produced by proper seed-to-soil contact?  Great!  We believe you are ready for a Thick Green Healthy Lawn.
  • Least-Evasive Process. The Aera-Vator machinery yields the highest results with least amount of evasiveness to your turf.
  • Aera-Vation – Seeding – Fertilization Combo  Aera-Vation opens up spaces all across your lawn… allowing air, moisture, and nutrients into the compacted soil, setting the stage for a healthier root growth. We generously over-seed with premium fescue seed and kick start growth with our organic blend starter fertilizer.  Our Seeding Packages helps to create a healthy lawn. Aera-Vation is an primary piece of your lawn’s health.  Organic based granular Fertilizer gives your soil a time released feeding of nutrition.  This is a winning combination and will work together to grow a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

    Best Time  to Aerate is during the Fall or Early Spring

    Starting around September, when the weather is not too hot, people should have their lawns aerated, seeded and fertilized. When temperatures are warm or expected to be warm then it is time for lawn aeration and seeding.  Overall, end of summer to the middle fall is the time-frame to best utilize our Lawn Seeding Service.


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